Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Ravcor's Prize


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Spaced Out For Love 2

Cory Spencer’s world became a nightmare when he was kidnapped by an alien intent on selling him to the highest bidder. Sold as a prize to the winner of a cage match, he’s shocked to discover that the man who won him is his mate.

Ravcor tracked his mate through the vastness of space only to find him being sold into slavery on a lawless planet on the outskirts of the known universe. Kidnapped and forced to fight in illegal cage matches, he finds he has something to fight for when Cory is offered up as the prize.

But winning a series of cage fights sounds easier than it is, especially when the people in charge are intent on separating them. Rav must fight not only the men holding them but a conspiracy that may reach the highest levels of government, one that seems to know their every move.

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Erotic, Werewolf, SciFi, M/M Romance

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