Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Not So Simple Simon

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Aberdeen Pack 4

Ares knew he had met the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with when Simon Fiske joined the Aberdeen Pack. There’s just one problem. Everyone believes that Simon is simple and slow, not able to make decisions on his own.

When Simon and his brother Adam were banished from their pack, he had no idea that it would lead to him meeting the most beautiful man he had ever seen. After Ares claims him, life for Simon just gets more complicated. Adam refuses to talk to him, his ex-lover is back demanding that he return to his former pack, and Simon has his hands full keeping other pack members safe when they are attacked.

Being mated should have been the most wonderful thing that ever happened to Simon and Ares but it seemed to just bring on more battles than they could fight.

Erotic Paranormal, M/M Romance

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4 STARS: "Not So Simple Simon by Stormy Glenn is fourth in the Aberdeen Pack Series. While you can figure out what is going on in this story, it is best read in chronological order. I thoroughly enjoyed Simon. He saw the world in black and white with little shades of gray. He was fiercely loyal and protective for all that, it sometimes took him longer to understand things. He was childlike but by no means stupid. Ares may not seem a good fit on the surface, but he was wonderful for Simon. He accepted Simon for who and what he was. He fought for his mate even against his Alpha. He was patient with Simon and his limitations. And Simon gave him something to counteract the ugliness he saw with his job as enforcer. Ms. Glenn gave us a wonderful story of acceptance. She allowed us to see the best in others while also giving us a well written story with fully developed characters. I thought this was a great addition to this series." -- MR Reviews


"It never ceases to amaze me how people react differently to anyone who is considered disabled even if it is very minor like Simon’s was. Just because he was a little bit slow most individuals assumed that he couldn’t take care of himself or understand anything. It was interesting how Simon accepted their attitudes and even went along with it to make things easier. Ares knew immediately that there was more to Simon and his acceptance must have meant more to Simon than even Ares understood. The budding feelings between Ares and Simon was put to the test as others didn’t understand that Simon was more than capable of making up his own mind. Simon might be a little slow, but he was more than capable of proving to one and all what he wanted! Experiencing the world through Simon’s eyes brought the wonder of being young back, but also the wisdom that adults seem to loose as they grow up. Simon’s vision of the world brought things into perspective as difficulties between the neighboring pack heated up." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews









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