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Erotic, Alternative, Contemporary, Cowboy, Elf, Fantasy, Futuristic, M/M, Ménage a Trois, Paranormal, Sci/Fi, Shifter, Suspense,  Vampire, Dragon, and Werewolf Romances
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Hello, I'm Stormy Glenn.  I'm a writer of Erotic, Contemporary, Elf, Fantasy, Futuristic, M/M, Ménage a Trois, Paranormal, Sci/Fi, Shifter, Suspense,  Vampire, and Werewolf Romances. I'm currently published with Siren Publishing, Torquere Press, and Ellora's Cave. If you'd like to keep track of both my books and what might be coming up next, check out my blog or myspace or facebook page. Or you can join my yahoo group for updates, WIP, new covers, submissions, excerpts, or just to ask me questions.


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Claiming His Alpha

Scent of a Mate 7

Reece Marshall isn't happy about being pulled away from his undercover assignment for the Feline Council, but one doesn't argue with a summons from an elder. Discovering he's been chosen as a potential guardian to a new alpha makes him wish he was back on his mission. But the forces that made an omega an alpha have other plans.

Coming February 25th

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Flying High

Pacific Cove 2

When Joseph and Samuel Lake spotted their mate while running through the woods, they knew they couldn't leave without him. They had been looking for him their entire lives. But, convincing the gorgeous man that they wanted him was turning out to be a lot harder than finding him.

Submitting to Simon

Sir Series 5

Jamie is looking for someone to give him a little discipline. Nothing major - a light spanking will do just fine. When he spots Simon at a New Year's Eve party, he knows he's met a man who can make his New Year's resolutions come true.

(Formally New Year's Resolution. Revised and extended by 25,416 words)

Odd Man Out

Cade Creek 10

Asked to look into suspicions of abuse, Bear Black finds himself more intrigued by the man he is investigating than he really should be, especially considering the man is married. When Bear tries to rescue Andrew, he finds a man that calls to his soul as much as his protective instincts.

Protecting His Own

Viking Lore 2

As a berserkr warrior, protecting others came naturally to Ulfr. When he discovers a sexy redhead being held prisoner by the man that slaughtered his family, Ulfr has to decide between vengeance and protecting his mate.

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