Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Operation Delta


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Geek Squad 3

I was a pocket protector, glasses wearing, social anxiety disorder, nerd. I was also one of the smartest people I knew, which was why I never understood how some people could do the things they did.

After witnessing a murder and then having someone break into my house and destroy it, my disgust with the world at large only grew deeper. When the man who'd committed that murder takes an unusual interest in me, my disgust took a nosedive. I did the only thing I could think of. I called in the geek squad.

When my friends couldn't reach me in time, they sent Corporal Abiola Sesay. I had no idea the man even knew who I was, but when Abe showed interest in me, I wasn't about to say no. Genius, remember?

Someone is after me and they have no problem eliminating any obstacles in their way, including Abe. When I end up having to rescue him, my view of the world starts to change. I still wasn't sure I liked it, but I was willing to do just about anything to save the man I was falling for, even leave the safety of my comfort zone.

Erotic, Paranormal, Shifter, M/M, Romance

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Release Date: Available October 24th!
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